Bossboards™. Making first impressions count.

HHHI, we print epic custom cards that won’t break the bank. We’re limited only by your imagination. What are Bossboards™?

Bossboards™ are: thicker than your average card. Any Pantone®, any way you want. 26 papers. 14 foils. Emboss, deboss, diecut, edge. Make your mark.

Start with 100. Less is more. Easy base prices, add what you need. Free shipping to NZ, AU and US. Delivered within 4 weeks.

All you need to do is choose your Bossboards™ and upload your artwork.


270gsm – 380gsm. Uncoated & textures. Fancy paper. Better than your average.


530gsm – 540gsm. Uncoated & recycled. Rigid neutrals. Thicker than your average.


600gsm - 700gsm. Uncoated & cotton. Doubles as a coaster. Stupid thick.


530gsm +. Cotton 'papers'. Acid-free, tree-free and recycled options. Subtle tactility.


270gsm - 680gsm. Fancy coloured paper. Moods, options, variety.

Mix & Match

540gsm +. The fancy name is duplex. Paper Sandwich also works.

Bossboard™ samples

Sample Pack

Inspiration comes and goes. For when you’re lacking, get some advice, along with our paper and finishes sample pack.

Sample Pack

Inspiration comes and goes. For when you’re lacking, get some advice, along with our paper and finishes sample pack.

Bossboard™ samples

Exceeded expectations

Rated 5 out of 5
January 16, 2023

HHHI exceeded every aspect with their generous knowledge and time to assist us with getting things right.
The business cards are incredible. We LOVED working with HHHI and can’t wait to work with them again soon!


Incredible quality, amazing finishes, fab team!!

Rated 5 out of 5
October 24, 2022

I’ve worked with HHHI a couple of times now and I’m always blown away with the amazing product they produce. Firstly I worked with them on my personal business cards which included THE FUNNEST wavy diecut which I am CONSTANTLY complimented on – people seriously adore these cards.
Secondly we printed a biz card/coaster mashup for one of my clients that is just so incredible. Lucy is always so accommodating and helps me and my clients decide on which finishes and stocks are going to be the best solution for the project.
Absolutely cannot recommend HHHI enough. You’ll be so impressed!


Great seamless experience!

Rated 5 out of 5
September 21, 2022

Loved the whole experience of ordering with HHHi. Very easy online quoting (which is often the hardest part with other companies!) Quality of finish was great too.


Best in the biz

Rated 5 out of 5
September 15, 2022

We use HHHI as our go to print supplier for clients looking to make a real impression with their beautiful, high quality prints. HHHI are an absolute dream to work with and are with you every step of the way to ensure you get the perfect results. I can not recommend these guys enough. Their attention to detail, production quality and expertise in the field is second to none. Highly recommend getting their sample pack to truely experience HHHI and help in any decision making.

Coside – Samantha Caird

You’d be silly to use anyone else

Rated 5 out of 5
September 12, 2022

Can’t recommend enough! Lucy is so knowledgeable (and patient) with a real eye for detail. Genuinely wants the best out come for the brief. Huge compliments to your order process.. A few months ago I was actually thinking “I really haven’t found an online print company that has been high quality / easy to use / an enjoyable process”. Then I found HHHI through a friend and I was genuinely excited. It’s the first time I’ve enjoyed the process dealing with a print company online. The sample pack is a game changer and really helped us in our choices. Online quote system is really well thought out too!
Will definitely be back in future with some other clients we are working with.

Ryan Vincent

Bossboards™ are: Sleek, monotone, shiny. Printed for @bake._studio on 380gsm Matter Black Truffle with Pantone 877 U on both sides and a gloss black foil.

24 1

If you EVER need some colour (and fashion) inspiration, @blaireadiebee is THE person for bold and powerful colour palettes 💙.

14 0

Still loving these epic coasters designed by @lizedesigns and printed by us for budoflovewinestore ❤️ ⁠

( #📷 @budoflovewinestore )

25 3

Bossboards™ are: Designed with print in mind, subtle textures, tasteful thickness. Designed by and printed by us on 360gsm Materica Gesso with Pantone 172 U and an emboss on the front, and Pantone 2635 U & 5535 U on the back.

38 3

2022 for us was: A blur, family-focused, motivating. We hope everyone has safe and happy holidays. It's time to enjoy a well deserved break. 🎉

11 1

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