Bossboards™ are: epic, custom printed cards, that don’t break the bank.

Any Pantone®. 26 papers. 14 foils. Emboss, deboss, diecut, edge.

Up to A7 (105mm x 74mm) in size. Start with 100. Less is more.

Reflect your brand, your mood, or your budget.

Choose from Thick, Thicker, Thickest, Letterpress, Colour or Mix & Match to get started.


270gsm – 380gsm. Uncoated & textures. Fancy paper. Better than your average.


530gsm – 540gsm. Uncoated & recycled. Rigid neutrals. Thicker than your average.


600gsm - 700gsm. Uncoated & cotton. Doubles as a coaster. Stupid thick.


530gsm +. Cotton 'papers'. Acid-free, tree-free and recycled options. Subtle tactility.


270gsm - 680gsm. Fancy coloured paper. Moods, options, variety.

Mix & Match

540gsm +. The fancy name is duplex. Paper Sandwich also works.

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